I can’t adequately express my gratitude for being able to attend  last night’s event and to represent Imagine! there.  This was one of  the best events we’ve attended, and we attend quite a few every  year, actually more than 20 a year.   I’d have to say your event was  better than events we’ve hosted at Imagine! recently, and I’m often responsible for those so I don’t take it lightly to be able to give  you such praise.  I am aware of many churches and faith communities welcoming people with disabilities, but I think we’ve just seen the  tip of the iceberg with regards to this and I look forward to seeing  more people with disabilities becoming involved in faith communities.   God bless you.
Gary Stebick, Imagine!, Communications Coordinator

Greatly successful event, and a great start to I believe not just awareness but hopefully now for great changes. Well done!!!
Yael  Cohen, MA,  Get IEP Help

Just wanted to thank you for a wonderful evening. I am very grateful to have participated in the Jewish Inclusion Fair, and hope to see this event again next year!
~Katie Jensen, educational director, The Joshua School Boulder

What a remarkable undertaking and accomplishment!  Thank you for everything you did to put together last night’s conference (and I know how much is involved in doing something like that!).  It was exceptional.  I am glad to have had the opportunity to learn from and be in community with you all.
~Susan Marcus, B’nai Havurah

What a fabulous event you organized. Congratulations. I’m sure it was a lot of work but it was a great success. You can be very proud. Kira and Linda both enjoyed it very much. Kira (daughter) was going to a Halloween party in Denver but didn’t want to leave the program until the very end.
Robert F. Farr, administrative assistant, Congregation Har HaShem

A Wonderful Event you put on. You (and the whole event) came across very smooth, friendly and you got the point across about inclusion.What else came across was the ‘constant pressure’ the surrounding family (of the high need person) lives in and what might ‘relief’ look like for them. And of course, Temple (Grandin) was inspiring in her speech and when I spoke with her personally  and I bought a book! Thank you for the kosher food, it really made a difference for Lexi and me. It made me feel included as well (right along with the theme)!
Joyce Jennings, parent of a typical child

I really appreciated your presentation and opening remarks last night.   Your words were powerful and sincere, and really impacted everyone, me included.  Thank you for that.
Jon Garson, LCSW, advisory board for Temple Grandin School

Thank you again for your incredible work in helping our community have conversations and discussions around this important issue.  We are all honored to have you in our community.
~Jonathan Lev, executive director, Boulder JCC

Thank you for the wonderful event you put on last night at Har Hashem! Keep up the great work!
~Dave Harbeson, Boulder site manager, Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes

What an amazing and inspiring program! If I hadn’t been limping lately- not sure what it is, but had a good massage this morning- I would have danced all night. And your talk was so brave and honest and moving…more another time, but may you be blessed with the strength and vision to see many wonderful results from this.
~Yehudis Fishman, Boulder Morah

You did an incredible job of putting together the right kind of event for the right type of audience, at the right time, in the right space.  It was an awesome, heartfelt event, and I was proud to be part of it..
Rosalie Sheffield, event planner

About 20 of us from the Longmont Shabbat Group attended the evening at Har Hashem with Dr. Grandin.  It was fabulous!  Thank you so much.  Everyone enjoyed it, and especially loved your speech.
Susan Scruggs, Longmont Shabbat Group leader

I felt so proud to be part of such an exceptional event last Thursday. I’m so glad I was included in the resource fair. I’ve been to many resource fairs and this one takes top honors. For one thing the people who stopped at my booth were so interested and willing to listen to my spiel on music therapy. Also, having Temple Grandin there and hearing her live was a unforgettable experience.  Thanks again for a stellar evening and for all the heartfelt effort it you put into it.
Carolyn Kuban, neurologic music therapist MM, NMT-F, MT-BC

I just wanted to share that I’ve been hearing from folks who attended your event and thought it was just terrific. One even said it was one of the best events she’d attended, ever! Mazel tov to you once again and thank you for all you’ve done and will continue to do for our community.
Sarah Indyk, Jewish Life Initiatives Manager, Rose Community Foundation

Congratulations on putting together such an important and well attended event.  You did an amazing job.
Dawn Rogers, Chair Women of Har HaShem and event volunteer

It was an honor to be a small part of the amazing program you put on.  I was really blown away, on so many levels.  I would be happy to help on any future programs you do.
Josh Shoenfeld, event volunteer

It was a wonderful evening that left me feeling incredibly inspired.
Amy Spasoff, Boulder JCC teacher.

Thank you as well for organizing a great event – our whole family loved it. Please let us know about future events.  Thank you for organizing such a great evening and worthwhile conversations about how to support our community more effectively. We all had a great time, kids too.
Jessie Frankel, WHHS member

The event was quite significant in putting this (the topic of inclusion of people with disabilities into our Jewish community) onto the community’s agenda, and I speak for all of Limmud Colorado in saying that Limmud would like to continue supporting your leadership on this issue.
~David Shneer, Louis P. Singer Chair in Jewish History, Professor of History and Religious Studies and Director of the Program in Jewish Studies at the University of Colorado, Boulder, and is a Distinguised Lecturerfor the Association for Jewish Studies.

It was wonderful to read about the Faith Based Inclusion workshop that you were instrumental in organizing last week in Boulder. It doesn’t surprise me though… you are a great community organizer…knew that about you from our co-op days and the wonderful articles you contributed to the Times- Call. We, here at CPWD,  are very interested in being involved in future gatherings/discussions on the topic of inclusion.  Looking forward to connecting with you on this important issue.
Diane Groff, M.A., Longmont Manager, Center for People with Disabilities

Great event. I am a special education teacher as well as a Hebrew teacher at Bonai (Shalom) and look forward to bringing more awareness and inclusion to Jewish Boulder.
~Anonymous (from Survey Monkey)

I love what the Jewish communities are doing. I felt a lot of hope for the future. I look forward to connecting with the resources I was introduced to at this event.
~Tonya Whaley, Univ. Co. Denver, Anschutz, LEND Fellow of Faith, (from Survey Monkey)

Many hats off to you, Susan. An amazing job, and you really pulled it off. More people need to hear this information.
~Harriet Boonin, Congregation Har HaShem member 

 Kudos to you, Susan – it was a great event!
Beth Prichard Robison, parent, violin teacher

It was an extraordinary evening. You really tapped into a community need.
Ellen Shindleman Kowitt, Congregation Har HaShem 

It was a great event Susan. Thanks for your vision and hard work to make it happen.
Wendy Zerin, pediatrician 

 It was an amazing. Thanks for all the work you put into it to make it so special.
Betsy Hicks, parent 

The other presenters (besides Ms. Grandin) were also engaging, informative and interesting. I particularly enjoyed the very first speaker–she clearly felt this deeply.
Survey Monkey

 The event was interesting and I am glad I attended. I was impressed by the stories of the families who participated and wish them well.
 Survey Monkey

 Thank you for bringing this to the community.
Survey Monkey

 Thank you thank you… also, I was so pleased that the event was free of charge and a gift from the community to the community so that anyone could have access to such important information and connection…. thank you!
Anonymous, Survey Monkey

 I enjoyed the teen discussion and Temple’s talk. I also think this event made me more aware of the faith aspect of inclusiveness
. ~Anonymous, 
Survey Monkey 

 Excellent event!  Thanks for providing enough time for questions.
 Survey Monkey

 I especially loved the introduction and story of her son by the woman who organized and won the grant for this event.
Anonymous, Survey Monkey 

 Thank you for hosting this event. My email address is XXXX, and I would appreciate information on any events involving including of people with disabilities in faith communities.
Survey Monkey

 This isn’t my passion, but I thought it was a really well-done program. Keep up the good work. It makes a difference!
 Survey Monkey



I found the meetings to be powerful reminders of both the need of parents to find support, the need of synagogues to become much better at serving this community and my own need to develop my knowledge of Jewish teaching related to these issues. It was very powerful.
~Rabbi Joshua Rose, (former) senior rabbi, Congregation Har HaShem

This group met so many of my needs which stem from the identities in my life:  parent, advocate of my son with special needs, Jew, spouse, daughter.  I found a group of women who became mentors and friends, who understood these identities and the turmoil that goes with them, from whom I could benefit their examples and mistakes, who I in turn was also able to support.  They are spirited and spiritual and remain my friends and advisors now after the group has formally ended.
~ Jennie Feiger, participant


*A Jewish Friday night service designed so that everyone could feel comfortable and move about and make noise as needed.

And lastly, on a personal note, (my daughter) and I loved the no shushing service. I was VERY impressed by the attention to detail paid by the committee – interpreter, toy balls etc. that really made everyone feel welcome and included. I know it is difficult for service leaders to hold space in a setting that does not subscribe to the typical societal norms for a service, but I REALLY appreciate the effort. The fact that this service existed makes me very happy for the future of 21st century Judaism. (My daughter) got to go to her first Shabbat service where we both felt comfortable and respected!
~Mother of a daughter with a disability.

I thought it was a great service. It just took all the pressure off as a parent. Thank you for doing that! I would love to see accommodations for the high holidays or all holidays for that matter. Shabbat is nice but it on the major holidays when I go to temple, I feel I have to leave them home or in school as I don’t feel the “child care” or kids services provided can handle (my daughter).
~ Mother of a daughter with autism

Last night’s service was a wonderful example of how services should be. An inclusion of all of us, in such a joyful experience! You’ve started something that needs to spread throughout the Boulder community, and beyond.
~Lois Hickman, MS, OTR (Registered Occupational Therapist)

On another note, I am very interested in your November 15th “No Shushing” Service. I would certainly like more information and possibly have our Rabbi Ilana Schwartzman, here at Kol Ami in Salt Lake City, implement a similar service. We struggle attending services with our son who is afflicted with autism and when we do take him to services, we get some “looks” from members which is very unfortunate.
~Lawrence (Larry) P. Kaplan, PhD, Chairman and CEO, US Autism & Asperger Association

I have a close friend in Illinois where we used to live who is Jewish, and I am going to send her this Shabbat information (with all identifying information deleted) as she has an adult son with disabilities, and this concept is truly inspirational! Success on your wonderful concept.